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 Thank you for using this brand new networking directory! Here, you’ll be able to meet other Steampunk aficionados. Make new connections by creating a personal listing while connecting your facebook, twitter, and other social networks that you belong to. If you’re a professional and own a business, be it brick and mortar, or on the web, you can use this space to advertise your business complete with maps and links to your businesses social network sites as well. 


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Here’s some brief instructions on how to use this new feature:

  • Fill out the information asked for based on whether you’re listing a person, or organization/business.
  • Upload a photo to be displayed on your listing. The photo should be no larger than 400×400 pixels, and must be your own property. Remember to keep it clean, this is a family friendly site.
  • You can add more than one address, phone number, email, messenger type, social media site, and link by clicking the “Add” bar in each section. Choose which category your listing belongs in, and as many categories as applies.
  • You can use html in your biography and notes sections to add more photos and information (please be advised: If the html effects the layout of the page, it will be removed).
  • As of this moment, Youtube videos are unable to be embedded. Please only use links to any videos.
  • All submissions must be reviewed before being listed, and will be moderated daily.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at










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